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A little about me!

Thank you for visiting my little corner.

First of all, please accept my apology for my bad writing because English is not my mother's language.

You know what! My style of writing is a bane to my teachers everywhere. I normally end up with lower grades because of it, but I don’t really mind. It’s the way I write and I like writing this way.

However, I just want to tell you a little about myself.

In Vietnam, I was a tailor; I designed and made many traditional dresses which they call “Ao Dai”.

When I came to United States, I tried to find a job which related to my skills but the first job I landed at JCPenny Company as windows covering maker. After 3 years worked at JCPenny, it was painful that they closed down the plant and I was out of job.

There was an opportunity came to me to become a sewing contractor for a women apparel manufacturing company like “Howard Wolf” …etc. This work last only for 10 years then they moved all works to Mexico for manufacturing. I was out of job again.

I was very sad. Then I decided to manufacture women apparels with my own label as Inter-Fashions Co.. Oh No!!! this business didn't last long because of the cheap clothing which came from China and India. I couldn't compete them.

Then I found the jobs and worked at different alteration shops over 10 year’s period.

Finally, on the second thought; with my skills and experienced, I can better serve you directly by running my own shop.

I am looking forward to serving you soon.


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